Beauty vlogger Shani Grimmond creates her makeup with the liquid lipstick

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Beauty vlogger Shani Grimmond impresses us with her makeup wielding skills on the reg, but when she decided to try to  the liquid lipstick beauty challenge (meaning she did her entire face in the stuff), we were a teensy bit skeptical. Other social media stars have accepted the same challenge and succeeded, but it cannot be easy to blend the thick texture of a liquid lipstick into the skin, so there were concerns.

Six best and beautifu street style looks

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Stay in your robe (all day)

The wrap dress is having a moment in the sun. Wear it loosely fastened to show off an extra few inches of leg.It is so sexy.

How to protect your hair in summer?

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Why is not to love about summer? Too many, it’s barefoot, beach waves and barbecues as far as the eye can see. From your hair’s perspective, however, there’s hardly a more threatening season. Between drying chlorine and frizz-provoking humidity, the elements are ready to wreak havoc on your strands. Better take these simple steps to ensure your styles shine through your summer vacay. 

To block chlorine


Have fun in ComedySportz Boston show

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ComedySportz Boston is the New England franchise of ComedySportz Worldwide. We produce public home shows based in Somerville and Jamaica Plain, and we also produce private shows and corporate training events throughout the New England area – Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Furthermore, we offer ComedySportz workshops, classes and training that are open to the public for anyone wanting to learn more about improv comedy.

What is a ComedySportz Boston show like?

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin drew hip young things to the German capital last week. Most attendees opted for laid-back, comfortable looks — think casual dresses and maxiskirts with sneakers or flats — and military jackets, jumpsuits, denim and loose, printed trousers. A few guests appeared the polish with designer bags and stiletto heels.

What to wear to work

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"What should I wear to work today?" Whether your office is a slick corporate building, airy loft space, or wherever the next client have a meeting with you, chances are you ask—and struggle to answer—this question several times a week. To streamline the process (and set your alarm for a little later!) tune into our new Sunday night column, 9-to-5 Fashion, for five perfect HR-approved outfit formulas to see you through Friday.

Can Concealer and Color Correctors be replaced by lipstick?

Can Concealer and Color Correctors be replaced by lipstick?
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If you've ever fallen down the rabbit hole that is the explore page on Instagram or gotten hypnotized into watching hours of beauty vlogs when all you needed was to double-check one step of a fishtail braid, then you've almost certainly seen lipstick being used in a hundred ways other than the intended one. But the makeup artists we asked aren't sold.For the average woman, it will be a disaster to blend and layer and if you use it under the eyes, it will crease and smudge.

The Latest Collection for Gucci GG Supreme Sandals 2016

The Latest Collection for Gucci GG Supreme Sandals 2016
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Let’s talk about shoes a little bit.

Top 8 Natural Oils for Skincare

Top 8 Natural Oils for Skincare
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There is a reason behind all those beauty commercials and ads with women covered in oil enjoying a Thai massage in a hut at the beach… yes, sometimes there is a piece of truth in beauty commercials. And although the idea of relaxing on a Maldivian beach is starting a positive reaction in your brain at this very moment, we actually want to talk about the best natural oils you need to add to your skincare instead.

Skincare 101: How to Minimize Pores

Skincare 101: How to Minimize Pores
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You know when you have a tiny issue and you just pretend it’s not there… well, take a seat, girl, because your tiny problem is not going anywhere, and instead of ignoring it, we are going to handle it together. Here are some of the most effective way of reducing your skin pores and getting rid of them.