The actual Culture Journal March 2014 concern Stars Serafima Kobzeva

The Lifestyle Magazine 03 2014 content showcases an attractive lingerie look that's been made instead surreal by using a cartoonish hair. Created through hair stylist Sharon Blain, the golden-haired wig leaping high within the slim shoulders from the model is actually nothing similar to the high powdered wigs associated with Marie Antoinette. A animal of its, the curls type a round coif close to her mind.

Shot through photographer Henryk Lobaczewski, the actual Culture Journal March 2014 content stars design Serafima Kobzeva. Appearing like a centerfold within the Australian book, the perfect little angels beauty is actually making very the declaration. Considering the idea of a centerfold is actually pretty dated nowadays, it is just natural how the people behind that one would want to make a direct effect in different ways.