Successful Fashion watches Brands in the world

Luxury Watches are time-keeping instruments either worn on the wrist or kept in the pocket with a chain attached to it. 

Presently, the watches have become a part of fashion, and our lives without them seem to be incomplete.


Casio G-Shock




Casio is an industry leader of ultra-modern and high-tech timepieces. This brand brings forward stylish and powerful watches like Casio G-Shock. The watches are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. The company’s watches are technology-oriented and cost reasonable. These are neither tough nor irritating, just are versatile and comfortable to wear. The watches are featured with luminous dials, and beautiful exterior case designs.




Citizen watches are famous for their out of the box designs and innovative functions. This is one of the most trusted watch brands, and brings forth its items with innovative specifications like satellite-linked world-time function, perpetual calendar, solar-power reserve indicator, and 24-hour sub-dial etc. Today, Citizen has become a trusted watch brand of children and women. Its watches are light-weight, and powered with high functionality.




Hamilton is known for its luxurious men and women watches. This brand has recently produced a range of beautiful watches for ladies in varying appealing designs and colors. A famous watch of this brand is ‘Khaki Field’ which is famous for its rugged build and macho feel. Also, it has come up with various military-style timepieces.




Victorinox had been famous for its multi-purpose army knives. This brand also creates high quality watches. The designs are always very innovative. The company has brought forward quartz mechanism with Classic Chronograph. Their quartz-powered watches cost reasonable, and are a perfect combination of reliability and craftsmanship.




Omega is another great watch brand. It is famous for its stylish and appealing watches among the celebrities. This brand was selected by NASA to make pieces that work perfectly in zero gravity. The company had made the first watch on the Moon – worn by captain Buzz Aldrin. Its watches have been used by famous persons like John F. Kennedy and Prince William. The brand is officially a partner of the Olympic games, headquartered in Switzerland, and founded in 1848.




Rolex is one of the most famous and oldest watch brands. This company is synonymous with luxury watches. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, having its origin of England in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. It is, no doubt, a proficient watch maker. The brand got a trademark in 1908 and the company was registered in 1915.




The versatile watches of Bulova for men, women, and children are truly remarkable. This brand is known for its precision and craftsmanship. Bulova watches are brought forward with the sapphire crystal and Swiss automatic movement. The company has been using high-end Swiss parts but assembles its timepieces for USA consumers. This brand is owned by the Japanese watchmaker Citizen. But it has a good repute all over the world.




Tissot is best known for its multifunction quartz watches. It has a history of producing watches and other accessories since 1853. The company has presented both classic and modern style watches and timepieces. It is the official timekeeper of several world championships. The company always brings forward its products with cutting edge technology and trendy luxurious looks.




Seiko is a globally recognized watch brand. It is famous for its meticulous craftsmanship and unique designs. It is based in Japan and has delivered numerous world ‘firsts’ in timepieces such as world’s first quartz watch. Seiko has been the brand of various sporting events including Olympics and World Cups. This company is known for its innovative and comfortable watches. The costs vary from product to product.

Tag Heuer



Founded in Switzerland in 1860, it is a high end watch brand. The company is known for its precised and mechanically fit watches. It also brings forward various fashion accessories and chronographs. TAG Heuer has been a favorite brand of celebrities of sports and Hollywood. The company has partnered with the Summer Olympics (3 times), and brought highly stylish and gorgeous watches.